On every link in this page, right click then select "Save As" to download the file.

1. Install-ServerAdmin.exe

the trivum Server Administration Tool for Windows

  • to find trivum devices with their IP in the network

  • to change network settings, like static IP or DHCP setup

2. IPFinder for Android

is available in the Google Play Store.

For Android devices which have no Google services, a direct download link for manual installation is available here:

documentation for manual installation can be found under:

3. RTI driver

the latest RTI V9.2x driver is available under trivum-rtidriver-v92x.zip
the version history is available under RTI changelog
for documentation go to trivum RTI driver documentation

4. KNX Group Address Converter

Converts between 1-level group addresses and 3-level with 5/3/8 bits.

5. tlist.exe

Command line tool for Windows, to list trivum devices in the command line.
A version for Mac OS/X is available here.

6. trace.exe

Get detailed traces from a trivum device.
A version for Mac OS/X is available here.

7. sfk.exe

Command line multi function tool for Windows, for analysis of network, KNX and Airplay.

  • sfk knxdump shows all knx ip routing traffic in the network.

  • sfk knxsend "1 2 3 8 100" sends an 8-bit knx message with value 100 to GA 1/2/3.

  • sfk help knx lists further knx examples.

  • sfk udpdump -bonjour shows AirPlay name announcements in the network.

  • sfk ping mynet shows all used IP’s in your own subnet.

  • sfk ping 100 101 102 pings, etc. if your subnet is 192.168.1.x

  • sfk zip out.zip mydir creates a zip file with all contents of mydir.

  • sfk unzip out.zip extracts a zip file.

  • sfk web ".100/xml/zone/getAll.xml" +xmlform get zone status from device .100

8. putty.exe

Telnet client, for trivum service staff.

9. winscp.exe

SCP file transfer tool, for trivum service staff.

10. zip.exe

Zip file creator for the Windows command line.

11. unzip.exe

Zip file extractor for the Windows command line.

12. mp3tagv253setup.exe

MP3Tag to edit meta informations in MP3 files.

13. HxD.exe

Hex editor to view contents of files with unknown format.

14. Cyberduck-Installer-

FTP client for Windows, to transfer files.

15. SafariSetup-5.1.7.exe

Very old Apple Web Browser for Windows, needed with very old trivum Systems V5.x or V6.x to display their web configuration.

16. Install-IrTool-1.9.exe

Infrared Adapter programming tool.

17. simknx.exe

Simulate KNX devices. If you upload this demo configuration onto a trivum Touchpad you can test KNX device interaction.

18. siminstreamer.exe

InStreamer simulator, for integration testing.